Although the Inuit diet does include polar bear meat, it has to be said they have a very high regard for this beautiful creature, viewing him as wise, powerful and “almost a man”. It is recorded that some even perform certain rituals once the bear is hunted and killed.

The Inuit name for the Polar Bear is
"an animal worthy of great respect"
Polar bear meat is said to be very tasty with much nutrition to be had. The only part of the bear that cannot be consumed either by the Inuit or their dogs, is the liver. The content of vitamin A is so high (just 500 grammes of polar bear liver delivers around 9,000,000 IU vitamin A to the diet), the results can be severe illness or even death.

The Inuit leave nothing to waste, the fur is used to make warm trousers and soft boots, perfect to ward off such extreme cold temperatures. A pair of boots and up to three pairs of trousers can be gleaned from one bear, on average.

It may surprise you to learn, there are many Inuit artists today who earn a decent living by carving out of soapstone, serpentine, marble and other materials an array of sculptures. These really are exquisite pieces, many of which are of the animals they know so well, such as the polar bear, the walrus, the seal, the musk-oxen, to name but a few. These wonderful works of art are more appealing when you consider each one is unique, a never to be repeated piece of high quality museum worthy, Inuit carving. Please take a look at the work of these talented people. We have purchased some lovely pieces ourselves and our collection has many admirers.



For more bear sculptures and other interesting figures, please click on the above bear

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About this book

A lonely old woman adopts, cares for, and raises a polar bear as if he were her own son, until jealous villagers threaten the bear's life, forcing him to leave his home and his "mother," in a retelling of a traditional Inuit folktale.


About this book

The Plight of Sanna, the Polar Bear is a compelling and heartwarming story about a female polar bear named Sanna, meaning “Sea Goddess” in the Inuit language, who meets her mate, a courageous boar named Nanuq. It further chronicles Sanna’s daily life as she prepares for the birth of her twin cubs. As this exciting tale unfolds, the author relates how the threat of global warming impacts all of their lives and threatens their very survival in the Arctic! This book should appeal to children and adults alike—anyone interested in polar bears and global warming, two very important and timely topics. It contains excellent scientific information which teachers could also use in the classroom to educate students on these subjects! To save the magnificent polar bear from extinction, researchers agree humans need to change their behavior to reduce global warming by coming together globally to solve this problem!

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